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Kahoot Art History. It's time to put your knowledge to the test with this fun, challenging online trivia quiz. Art has been around for so long.

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We understand the history of humanity through art. Even if you know a lot about art history, you will have to think twice with some of these trivia facts! This means that its history is very significant and abundant.

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Then on your personal device go to www.kahoot.it and then login the pin # shown on the computer screen. Even if you know a lot about art history, you will have to think twice with some of these trivia facts! Identify the following images and place them on your timeline.

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Dramatic contrasts of light and dark. Please ask me if you are not clear because you may have your phone sent to the office. A lot—and by a lot, we mean an unearthly amount—of art has been created ever since.

Art History Trivia Once Upon A Time, Someone Somewhere Started Marking Up A Cave Wall With A Rock, And Art Was Born.

On your computer, click on the link that is provided below. These art history trivia questions will help you learn more about the chronicles of art in the world. All ready to play for free!

Elements And Principles Of Art Jeopardy Game Jeopardy Template.

Test your knowledge and learn about art with obelisk’s practice quizzes. Watch an introduction video 7:57 7 minutes 57 seconds. Study kahoot questions flashcards from jonathan adams's class online, or in brainscape's iphone or android app.

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Please share with your parents because at back to school night parents were told that you were to be honest and follow the class rules on technology. From prehistoric depictions of bison to contemporary abstraction, artists have addressed their time and place in history and expressed universal truths for tens of thousands of years. A mark with length and driection, created by a point that moves across a surface., any three dimensional object that can be measured by height, width and depth., smoothness, roughness, softness in visual, lightness and darkness.

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