What Is A Normal Dodo Worth In Adopt Me

What Is A Normal Dodo Worth In Adopt Me. The turtle is a legendary pet in adopt me, that was available for a limited time. How rare is a giraffe adopt me?

Adopt Me Pet Dodo Etsy
Adopt Me Pet Dodo Etsy from www.etsy.com

It is currently worth a little more than the christmas gift. I personally would trade them seperately since theyre very hyped rn so they will lose their value quickly but ofc do what u. Its release was confirmed in the fossil isle excavation event, which started on october 2, 2020.

We Think A Dodo Is Worth 30 Dog/Cats, Which Is About One And A Half Robo Dogs.

The turtle is a legendary pet in adopt me, that was available for a limited time. If anyone has a golden or diamond unicorn, i will offer a ride dodo for it. There was not much information to go on, because of low interest, but in a recent poll we saw that 21 of 46 players feel that it isn’t worth that much.

It Is Currently About Equal In Value To The Moped.

Please check out the rules! So what is the dodo worth in adopt me on the dog/cat scale? 204 offers for the neon dodo are currently active.

750 ( Fossil Egg) The Dodo Is A Limited Legendary Pet, Which Was Released In Adopt Me!

Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets. I feel like a dodo is worth a golden unicorn. Stilt fella, dive kick, regular human basketball, nidhogg (02/12/21) about the funny media the funny media is the leading portal where all the entertainment topics are discussed.

(Adopt Me Fossil Egg Update) Let's Find Out!Hi Guys!

The dodo is a legendary pet from fossil egg. As it is now unavailable, it can only be obtained by trading or hatching any remaining fossil eggs. Since the dodo is a limited legendary pet and the chance of being hatched from the fossil egg is very low, dodo’s worth is relatively high.

It Is Currently Only Obtainable Through Trading.

My friend got a golden unicorn for her dodo and the trade was done yesterday sooo Goes to 7th & 8th, one each! What is the legendary new dodo bird worth in trading.

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